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Old Fido!
Welcome to Jade's DOGFUN jokes page. Take a look at Jade's 'howlers' I thought
that they were funny but I might be barking' up the wrong tree'. The funny thing
is that I could do with some more gags, if you read on you will see that I am not
kidding! I would be having a laugh if I thought that this page was by any means
complete so please help me out. If this page is not full of gags soon I will be in
the dog house with old Fido there and I think that that could be a bit 'ruff'. If you
have a joke please e-mail me at
Have fun, Jade the Doberman.

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A postman arrived at the gate of a large old house. In the driveway were a couple of large angry looking dogs. He turned to a man leaning against the gate to the house and asked 'do your dogs bite'. 'Oh no' the man replied 'my dogs would never bite'. The postman walked towards the house when suddenly there was a commotion and he disappeared under the two snarling dogs. Some time later, as he was carried away to hospital he passed the man leaning against the gate, and said to him in a quiet voice 'I thought your dogs would never bite'. The man replied 'they wouldn't but those were not my dogs'.

Q: Where do you let a big angry Doberman sit when it comes to visit your house?

A: Anywhere that it wants to.


There were three tomatoes walking through the desert.
Q: Which tomato was the cowboy?

A: None of them because they were all redskins.


Fred: 'My Doberman has no nose'

Bill: 'Tell me then how does it smell?'

Fred: 'Absolutely awful'


Q: What breed of dog likes to drink beer?

A: A bud hound.


Q: What did the Doberman say when he sat on the sand paper?

A: Ruff, ruff.


Q: What breed of dog loves Halloween?

A: The Bloodhound.


Thank you Jesus.

It's the dead of night and into the front room of a house comes a flash of light. It's burglar Bill and he is holding a torch.
As he looks about for things to take he hears a voice, the voice is saying
"Jesus is watching you".
Obviously startled by this the burglar turns toward the voice and to his surprise he finds a parrot in a cage.
Walking toward the parrot he asks "did you just say something little parrot?".
Yes I did Mr burglar I said "Jesus is watching you".
Well parrot if you think that you are being cleaver by appealing to my conscience you are sadly mistaken, said the burglar.
"No Mr burglar you are missing the point Jesus IS watching you" said the parrot.
Now I understand Mr parrot is your name is Jesus by any chance?
Oh no Mr burglar my name is Poly, Jesus is the large Doberman standing behind you.


Q: What do snowmen wear on their heads?

A: Ice Caps.

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