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Jade the Doberman

Dog Fun came to life at the beginning of 2000. Originally called Jade Web the
site was created as a home page for my Doberman Jade. As time has gone
on the site has become more and more of an obsession. As all you web
designers out there know time is our biggest enemy and because of this not
all of the areas of Dog Fun are developed as much as I would like.

I am very happy at the way the site has been received so far. Jade has her
own fans now and we have had some great e-mail's. It has also been fun
meeting other webmaster's on the net, there are some great dog related
sites out there.

For the future it is hoped that Dog Fun can become a bigger all round dog
site, with greater appeal to lots of different breeds. Also I hope that the
support and input of YOU the visitors to the site will continue to grow.
Contact about the site and growing hits on the site are what makes it all
worth while. Thanks for your support and keep the suggestions coming in.

Webmaster MarkWebmaster Mark 27/12/2000

Jade the Doberman
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